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 Username angerage

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PostSubject: Username angerage   10.12.08 4:02

One of the first things you did after making an Eterna account was log into Eterna server, and create a character.
But what did you name it?
When I created my character, I wanted a character name that was original, intriguing, and was a part of me. So after a bit of pondering, I had it: QtangPOW, named after a super cool handshake me and 2 of my best buds do.
When you make a Username, you create your identity, this is who you are on Eterna.
Some things I've seen though.. I don't understand how you even came up with such a er.. thoughtless Username.
Such Usernames are unoriginal, if a name is taken, think of SOMETHING ELSE D:<
Also.. there's like.. 30 people on Eterna.. How is it hard to make a name with some sort of originality?
It's one thing to steal a name from a popular source (Naruto, Bleach, etc.) If the names cool, I don't w.e it's fine, but once it gets to Naruto164985934874237454362784563472857683476454 then you really need to think of new names.
Another thing that's frustrating is when you get named Aivin to imitate ALvin (or someone who tried to be QtangPOVV :/) If that's not who you are, don't PRETEND TO BE THEM.
So in the end, when you make an identity, you get a lot more respect when you put thought into your name. A name says a lot about who you are, if a name is taken, just take a few more minutes to think up a new one please.
(I would comment on the whole "Azn pin0y crud, but I haven't really seen it on Eterna yet lolol)
(hacker names like dfghsadsds don't matter, because they usually get banned for hacking anyways ;o)

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PostSubject: Re: Username angerage   10.12.08 11:17

LoLs fiara >o<
i agree wif chu x3 Squee
<3 auntie fiara :3
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Username angerage
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