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 Fedz's GM application (Now Dankfin in-game)

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PostSubject: Fedz's GM application (Now Dankfin in-game)   07.01.09 9:11

Name: Stephan

Age: 19 (Turning 20 in May)

IGN: Dankfin (Used to be Fedz)

Time Zone: Central

Experience: NONE! (Joke) I ran my own “TitanMS” server back in the day called: “MayhemMS”. This was during the times when Eterna was going through some issues. I ran the server with some help from my little Google master buddy: Anthony. Also I’m pretty sure Fiara remembers playing on the server too Wink. The server did experience an almighty crash after I tried creating another server using “Odin source” Sad. Either way it was good fun.

How long have you been with Eterna MS?: I’m a little discombobulated when I actually did start playing, but I believe it’s over 4 months. Slightly off and on Razz I decided to quit playing for a little bit because life caught up to me.

What could you do as a GM that another person could not?: What can I say that wouldn’t seem so cliché? I’m “people person”. I am quite efficient in handling people. I would consider myself to be very patient in dealing with situations. But as a GM, what else could I do that other GMs don’t already do? Only thing I can say is that I will try and be the best at my job, and I will put my full effort into it. Once I’m committed to something, there’s no stopping me.

Other information I should know about?: First of all I’m not the kind of person that likes to fight openly with people, I tend to handle things in private rather than look like a fool publicly. I’m a very lenient person but I can be stern when I need to. As for my social life, I attend college but I’m not really all that busy Very Happy The truth is… I’m a night owl! So I’ll be online more often than not. And thank you for the opportunity to apply, I wish the best of luck to the other applicants.

~~~ Also much thanks to Jassy! Razz
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Fedz's GM application (Now Dankfin in-game)
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